The National Mall

America Comes Together on the National Mall
The National Mall is our country’s most visited national park, attracting more than 25 million annual visitors – more than Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon combined. These visitors represent every segment of American society – including 8 million students – attracted to the singular significance of the National Mall’s monuments and memorials. Americans come to the National Mall to celebrate our ideas, remember and honor our civic leaders and veterans, learn about our history and participate in events that define our democracy.

The National Mall hosts more than 3,000 such events each year. It is here, in the shadows of our greatest heroes at the foot of the U.S. Capitol, where Americans choose to gather for presidential inaugurations, protests and demonstrations. From Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech to the AIDS Memorial Quilt and the innumerable other events in between, this is where Americans come to make their voices heard.

America has Loved the National Mall to Death
In the 36 years since their last major renovation, the grounds and historic structures on the National Mall have suffered. Our National Mall was not built to sustain 25 million annual visitors and 3,000 permitted events. We have an opportunity to maximize the benefits of modern technology, urban landscape design, sustainability, stewardship and education to restore and improve the National Mall.

America Finds Common Ground on the National Mall
The National Mall’s status as an irreplaceable national treasure is on subject on which Americans are unified:
- 97% of Americans know of the National Mall
- 82% think making all needed repairs is critically important
- 80% prioritize preserving the National Mall for future generations
- 25M+ visit the National Mall annually; these visitors represent the broad demographic spectrum of America
- 72% are ready to support the cause of restoring the National Mall, if asked. Americans are invested in this place.