Sylvan Theater

A monumental connection to history and the arts.

Located at the Washington Monument grounds, Sylvan Theater is an iconic symbol on the National Mall, the only site on the Mall that speaks directly to the arts and its long tradition of free performances.
The current conditions at Sylvan Theater ignore its monumental context and lack the necessary amenities to accommodate the performing arts on the National Mall.
The planned upgrade will create a multi-functional performance venue and provide visitor amenities such as retail, food service, and restrooms. Implementation of the internatinoal award-winning redesign will transform the grounds and aphitheater into a high-tech educational performance space accomodating up to 12,000 visitors, with the Monument as a backdrop.
Adjacent to the amphitheater, the Monument Plaza and Welcome Terrace will become a multi-use destination. This new setting will provide a layered tapestry that weaves together performance, education, recreation, and sustainability to create a compelling new vision for the future of the Washington Monument Grounds.

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